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10 Inspiring Female Illustrators I’m Loving on Instagram (and You Will Too!)

As a creative type, I love going to Instagram for some good old-fashioned creative inspiration. Lately my favourite thing on my feed are posts from this list of awesome illustrators who also happen to be women*, so I wanted to share them with you so you can marvel in their incredible work with me! I hope their work inspires you on some level too.

*except for some of the team at Longina Phillips Designs, we think those those men are awesome too! 



1. Sha’an D’Anthes @furrylittlepeach

Furry Little Peach on Instagram

Sha’an is a Sydney based illustrator I’ve been admiring since I discovered her on YouTube (under her Furry Little Peach persona) about a year ago. Her playful colours and her ability to turn just about any intimate object into the cutest little character is what keeps me coming back to this account. Find her work on instagram here.


2. Fran Meneses @frannerd

Fran Meneses on Instagram

Another popular YouTube illustrator (known by her fans as Frannerd over there), Fran creates beautiful illustrations of people, often doing seemingly mundane tasks. Fran is always able to make these every-day activities into something beautiful and nostalgic. With a cozy palette of pastel pinks, blues and apricots and sometimes a bolder red, Fran’s illustrations will make you want to curl up with a blanket and a cup of tea. Her comics are often available in both her native tongue of Spanish and English on her platforms. Find her here.


3. Beci Orpin @beciorpin

Beci Orpin on Instagram

I discovered Beci’s work recently at the Business Chicks event I attended in August. Her work was used to decorate the set where most of the main talks were held (and probably other areas as well, I just remember the main stage!). I was drawn in by her representation of women of all shapes, sizes, colours, abilities and disabilities, and the way she depicted them all working together. It was just beautiful.

Beci works with beautiful solid, graphic colours with a hint of gradient and geometric shapes, using not only flat surfaces but also 3D wooden or felt installation pieces to create bright, happy imagery that you’ll find hard to look away from. Find her instagram here.


4. Lydia Hix @catsonthe_beach

Lydia Hix on Instagram

Lydia’s Instagram is full of these gorgeous little sketches of botanicals, fruits,  veggies, and other foods. Most of her illustrations are created with beautifully imperfect linework and finished with a hint of watercolour. If you want some more simple yet stunning work in your feed follow Lydia here.


5. Franziska Meiners @franziskameiners.illustration

Franziska Meiners on Instagram

I can’t say I know a lot about Franziska, as her account is mostly in German, but what I do know is that I love her illustrations. I think it’s the combination of textures and colours that have me drawn in, as well as the way Franziska introduces repeating geometric/ floral patterns into her pieces, almost like a fabric cut-out. From what I can understand on her account, Franziska is also a packaging designer, which makes sense because her repeat patterns are also stunning- I’d love to receive a gift wrapped in her wrapping paper! Find and follow her here.


6. Betony Dircks @betonydircks

Betony Dircks on Instagram

Betony was the print designer for Australian ethical clothing label ALAS up until recently when sadly they closed their doors. Her wearable work is often created initially with gouache in gorgeous colour palettes reminiscent of 1970’s style. She also has some gorgeous line drawings on her Instagram, so go check her out here.


7. Maria izvestkina @mariaizvestkina

Maria is not only an illustrator but also an incredible eco/ethical designer, who I had the privilege of knowing during my time at fashion college. Maria creates unique, slightly geometric and yet free-flowing illustrations of things of the natural world- I particularly love the way she renders hands. She also creates beautifully collaged images using photos and drawings on her Instagram feed, which you can check out here.


8. Audra Auclair @audraauclair

Audra Auclair on Instagram

Audra’s Instagram will hit you in the face with the bright pinks, purples and blues you might remember from your childhood if you ever played with My Little Pony or Polly Pocket. If her aesthetic had a scent it would be strawberry for sure. Audra’s illustrations are beautiful depictions of feminine fantasy creatures, villains and heroines alike. Using gouache, watercolour and digital painting for her mediums, Audra celebrates the beauty and fierceness of the feminine, with just a hint of darkness seeping through the cracks. See her work here


9. Yellena James @yellenajames

Yellena James on Instagram

Yellena’s illustrations are beautiful depictions of fantasy flora, which look to be inspired by both land and sea plants. Her fine, fluid lines combine with bright colours and repeated round shapes, dots and tear drops to create visual candy. Yellena uses ink, pen, gouache and paint to create these striking works. You will want to go ahead and check her out here.


10. Longina Phillips Designs @longinaphillipsdesigns

Longina Phillips Designs on Instagram

Longina Phillips Designs is actually a textile design business, employing a host of incredible illustrators who specialise in florals. Their work is hand-designed using mostly gouache, then turned into a repeat print digitally. Their feed is a feast for your eyes, so check them out here.

Did we forget one of your favourites? Let us know in the comments 

xx Carley Rose

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